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Letter from Shane McCann to the Editor: Food for Thought

 The Advertiser State Edition
23 Dec 2011

How sickened I feel to see articles constantly on how to celebrate Christmas and what kind of animal we should eat to ‘‘celebrate peace on Earth’’.

There is nothing peaceful about sitting the family around the table with the carcass of a dead bird, tortured to death.

There is nothing remotely wonderful about ‘‘glazing the Christmas ham’’ unless, of course, you are glazing over the truth of what happened to the animal you are about to eat.

Christmas is a time when people conveniently remember that they are religious, and celebrate ‘‘goodwill to all’’ by stuffing themselves with some poor soul, that has had a life of hell, and a death of immense pain and fear.

I only wish that people could put a few minutes thought into what they are eating. It is much nicer to eat ‘‘something’’ than it is to eat ‘‘someone’’.

Shane McCann