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Letter from Jenny Moxham to the Editor: Genetic Fiddling - 28 Mar 2012

28 Mar 2012
The Advertiser (Adelaide)

When animals evolve in the wild it is always for their own betterment but when animals "evolve" at the hands of man it is always to their detriment.

Cows have been made to produce 10 times more milk than nature intended resulting in lameness and discomfort. Sheep have been made to grow such heavy fleece that it would be impossible for them to survive in the wild.

Chickens have been made to grow to adult size in just six weeks resulting in hip dislocations, crippling and heart failure. Now scientists are seeking to make cows produce less methane gas than they would normally so that farmers can continue raising millions of them without being accused of contributing to global warming gases. (Campaign promotes green credentials, 28/3)

However this outcome is achieved you can be sure it will have a detrimental effect on the animal - but who cares, as long as the farmers are able to continue profiting from them.

How ironic that man considers himself to be the "cream of creation" yet he, alone, ruthlessly and mercilessly manipulates every other creature on the planet for nothing but greed.

Jenny Moxham