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Letter from Jenny Moxham to the Editor: Free rabbits from cages - 7 Apr 2012

7 Apr 2012
Herald Sun (Melbourne, Australia)
Adelaide Advertiser (Adelaide, Australia)

When the Easter bunny comes hopping this weekend please spare a thought for the the real, live bunnies cruelly confined inside Australian factory farms.

Bred for their meat and fur, hundreds of thousands of these gentle animals are forced to endure lives of torture inside small, barren, battery cages. These rabbits are not the wild variety. They are the same variety as those we keep as companions.

Like their battery hen counterparts, they never see sunshine, breathe fresh air or feel grass beneath their feet. They suffer from ulcerated hocks, broken toes, spinal damage and eye and respiratory irritation.

Now that consumers are demanding an end to battery cages for hens, shouldn't we be demanding the same for rabbits?