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Letter from Jenny Moxham to the Editor: Titalic not the only shipping disaster - 17 Apr 2012

17 Apr 2012
The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, Australia)

This week, as we recall those last dreadful hours aboard the Titanic, please spare a thought for the victims of the less publicised shipboard disasters.

In 1980, 40,605 individuals died when fire broke out on the Farid Fares and, in 1996, 67,488 perished when the Uniceb caught on fire. That same year 1592 drowned when the Guernsey Express sank.

Why are we less familiar with these disasters, despite the fact that there were far more deaths? The reason is, the victims were sheep and cattle.

During the past 30 years a staggering 2 million Australian animals have endured terrifying and painful deaths from drowning, burning, suffocation, extreme heat, illness, trauma and starvation on board our live export ships.

Unlike the Titanic disaster these disasters are not consigned to history. They are happening right here and now and they will continue to happen until our government bans this shameful trade.

Jenny Moxham Monbulk (Vic)