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Letter from Jenny Moxham to the Editor: Eggs and Ethics - 1 Jul 2012

Sunday Star Times (NZ)
1st July 2012

No commercially produced eggs - even free range - can ever be regarded as "ethical". (Laying it on line for free-range ethics, 24/6)

This is because half of all the chicks hatched by the egg industry - the males - are dropped live into giant mincing machines or gassed on day one of their lives.

Each year in New Zealand 3 million of these babies are killed in this manner.

Besides this, all hens, both battery and free range, meet the same brutal and terrifying death at just eighteen months of age.

How could anyone ever claim that it's ethical - fair and just - to subject inoffensive birds to this unimaginable torture simply because we enjoy the taste of their eggs?

Jenny Moxham