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Letter from Jenny Moxham: PETA Protecting Animals - 9 Jul 2012

Published on 9, July 2012
Townsville Bulletin (Australia)

PETA Simply Protecting Creatures

PETA has one aim only and that is to prevent cruelty to animals.

Like most people, I grew up eating meat and never gave a thought to the tragic fate of the animals slaughtered for their flesh.

I thought the dairy farmer was doing the cow a favour by relieving her of her surplus milk.

I didn’t know that each year 700,000 baby calves were killed so their milk could be stolen or that every ‘‘ useless" male chick hatched by the egg industry was mercilessly dropped live into a mincing machine or gassed.

I didn’t know that most race horses suffer from stomach ulcers and that testing on animals gives misleading results.

I never gave a thought to the cruelty of zoos but now I know that they needlessly subject animals to lives boredom and deprivation.

I applaud PETA for seeking to enlighten the public about animal cruelty. My one regret is that I didn’t discover the truth earlier.

Jenny Hoxham
Monbulk, Victoria