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Letter by Rachel: Choosing Kindness - 9 Jul 2012

Letter by Rachel
Published on 9, July 2012
Townsville Bulletin (Australia)
(Submitted by Jenny  Moxham)

Give Animals the Fair go we all deserve

The photo of a wide-eyed and clearly agitated Black Caviar next to PETA’s letter ( 28 June) reminded me of why I advocate for animals.

It’s 2012, yet we are still using and hurting animals on the racing and rodeo circuits, cutting them up in laboratories, electrocuting them for their skins and hacking off sheeps’ backsides for convenience.

We share this planet, yet we act as if we own it. Animals deserve to be allowed to enjoy their day in the sun, breathe fresh air, and to go about their lives as nature intended.

To not be sliced, diced, eaten, plucked, skinned, caged, cut up or worn.

In today’s world of unlimited choices, it’s just sheer human greed and arrogance that we continue to exploit and torture animals the way we do.

We can eat better, we can clothe ourselves better, we can educate ourselves better, and we can entertain ourselves better.

We have the power to spare animal's suffering and deaths simply through the eating and purchasing choices we make.

Rachel B.
North Ward