LettersLetter from Ruth Eisenbud to the Thom Hartmann Show - 21 Aug 2012
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Letter from Ruth Eisenbud to the Thom Hartmann Show - 21 Aug 2012


On today's show Mike Papantonio made a good point about the dumbing down of republicans .... It would seem that Christianity is a contributing factor to this condition:

Christianity has always been a force for suppressing knowledge.... It is how it maintains its stranglehold on followers. When Galileo observed that the earth revolves around the sun, he was forced to recant by the church, or suffer torture. 1000 years prior to Galileo's discovery, Indian astronomers also came to the same conclusion. The information was accepted as the way that the universe works.

I do animal rights work. The Judeo-Christian tradition, with it's self serving proclamation from god which grants man the right to slaughter and exploit animals, ironically because humans are considered superior to animals, does not allow for thought. The jain.hindu tradition of india, subscribes to ahimsa, which considers all life sacred, is also more tolerant of free thought. An article of mine, on the recent killing of a dog named Lennox by animal control in Belfast, NI pointed out the influence of dominion, It noted that in India, it is against the law to kill a healthy (homeless or family) dog for any reason. In India, lennox would have been allowed to live. There was a massive protest by the animal rights community against the execution of Lenox...all to no avail, as dominion was too strong a force to counter with mercy.   The article found its way to a staunch Christian dominionite, who responded as follows:  

"In your freedom of decision, be very careful of where you place your allegiance, to reject Christ is to build a destiny called hell. God keeps a patience for His children, but will shut the to salvation for those that reject His Son.  Again, I urge you to do a complete read of the Bible, because your eternal destiny depends on where you give your loyalty. 

I have done my best to counsel you, but I will no longer tolerate interruptions in my work as Ambassador for Christ.  You are on your own... 

Do not contact me again.....Your rebelliousness and ignorance against God and His servants is unacceptable and I will not tolerate or accept any further communiqués from you or any of your friends."

When a religion literally terrifies its followers into submission, and condemns free thought with eternal damnation, it is no wonder so many fundamentalist Christian politicians and their constituents are unable to think.

Ruth Eisenbud

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