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Letter from Noelene about Restricting Love - 1 Dec 2012

Published in New Zealand Union Church "New Citizen" newspaper

"Love wasted on Animals"?

 The idea that love can be limited to a certain part of Creation - a certain species, or race, or number of children or animals, or occupation etc., is surely the basis of thought behind abortion on demand, Hitler's Germany, the killing or use for experimentation of millions of animals -  for profit or "health measures"  -  and all the other materialistic choices and activities we've become familiar with.

 The nature of Jesus - of God - shows us that compassionate understanding, or love in action, is completely without limit or restriction (ideally), making it impossible to love (say) two children but not three, sun but not snow, a rich life but not a poorer one, a dog or cat but not a cow or a deer or a goat, a baby but not an elderly person, ease but not challenges....and so on.

 Jesus, surely, would not have said, "Try hard, and therefore succeed in loving fully",  but "Understand, and so become a vehicle for Love." Isn't the fullness and flow of universal love through us interrupted only by the handbrake we put upon it when its presence is felt, and the discrimination as to whom or what it should be expressed?