LettersLetter from Noelene about Compassion - 1 Dec 2012
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Letter from Noelene about Compassion - 1 Dec 2012

As published in Christchurch, New Zealand's "Press"

Every newspaper is full of signs of the times in which we live: the pointless torturing of a trout taken from the river; 25 children using gang torture methods against a 70-year-old woman, for a few dollars;  folk dedicated to the well-being of young people being seriously threatened by them...

 I submit that the state of affairs today is very strongly related to the hardening of the heart, the stifling of the child's normal urge towards compassion, which has been occurring over so many years, in order to support the continuous, matter-of-fact slaughtering of millions of animals, the dissection in schools, and similar heartless practices, largely profit-based, initiated by adults.

We urgently need to teach our sons and daughters from babyhood that cruelty towards anything that lives is never acceptable;  and encourage them not to become apathetic towards cruelty - the attitude far too common among adults.  We desperately need today's missing link: compassion. 

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