LettersLetter from Noelene about T.V. Violence - 1 Dec 2012
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Letter from Noelene about T.V. Violence - 1 Dec 2012

As published in Christchurch, New Zealand's "Press"

Right from babyhood, children learn by seeing, hearing, copying. Just as it's impossible to think war and achieve peace, or think fear and express love, so it is obviously impossible for children, if they see and think violence, to learn consideration and compassion. By the time they are old enough to discriminate at all, a vast number of negative impressions has been imprinted upon their minds (and hearts), by way of writers, and the censors, who maintain that in a democracy everyone should have the chance to view what they want , even describimng it as "real life"! How can young children help but assume that such  ways of living are normal?

 The further tragedy is that they then tend to practise cruelty on those smaller and more defenseless even than themselves...the innocent animals.

Writers and producers and programme organisers should provide wholesome stories and programmes - of genuine, innocent humour or beauty, for example;  and we would soon see the lie behind their claim that "violence on television does not affect children." 

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