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Letter from Noelene about Cosmetic Testing - 1 Dec 2012

As published in Christchurch, New Zealand's "Press"

 It is a joy to discover that there are cosmetics, the production of which has not involved the suffering of animals, having seen videos of such as the Draize Test, and the Lethal Dose 50 test, whereby  a) rabbits' eyes are kept permanently open with tape or metal clips, their heads held in clamps, while concentrated preparations of shampoo and toiletries are instilled and left in for 21 days, excruciating and often blinding;  and b) dogs, cats. mice, rats and others are force-fed massive quantities of test materials (e.g. for lipsticks, hair-dyes, face-powder), until 50 per cent have died from pain, rupturings, convulsions.

The time is so overdue for humanity to remove the terrible, heartbreaking burden upon the creatures, and to use the harmless, humane  alternatives available. Animal-testing for cosmetics and toiletries - and all other abuses inflicted upon animals throughout the world -  MUST be stopped.  We owe it to them, to their Creator - and even to ourselves.