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Letter from Jenny Moxham about Meat-Free Christmas - 8 Dec 2012

Just saw the excellent flyers today on All Creatures (The True Cost of Christmas) so thought I'd pass on this letter I had published on Saturday.

As Published in The Southland Times (New Zealand) 

Meat-free Christmas

I wonder how many people ever give a thought to the ludicrous way in which most of us celebrate the birth of the ‘‘Prince of Peace’’.

We sing about ‘‘peace on earth’’ and send out cards expressing the wish for ‘‘peace – then we carve up the body of some violently slaughtered animal and feast on its brutalised corpse.

The animals we generally kill are turkeys and piglets, both of which are routinely subjected to agonising mutilations and imprisoned in cramped, gloomy factory farms.

Their deaths are violent and terrifying.

Isn’t it time we started celebrating Christmas in a way befitting this loving and peaceful time of year – with no sad corpse on the dinner table?

Jenny Moxham
Monbulk, Australia