LettersLetter from Kim Nguyen to Catholic Priest about Animal Cruelty - 13 Jan 2013
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Letter from Kim Nguyen to Catholic Priest about Animal Cruelty - 13 Jan 2013

Dear Father,

I think the letter which I am sending might be of interest to you. I hope that you will find some time to read it and help me with the following questions:
1/ I learned in Catholic church that God is called the most merciful being, so why would He create sentient beings who are intelligent, can feel pain and become frightened as humans do, only to have them tortured horribly by humans?
2/ Was it dictated by God’s voice that said He created animals for humans to consume?
3/ How would we feel if we were forcibly and repeatedly impregnated  – to be blunt, raped? If the babies we carried for nine months were torn from us so that the milk meant for them would be sold? If we were hooked up to milking machines until we were “spent,” then shipped off to slaughter when we became too sick or too weak to be financially valuable?
Would we like to wear a chain on our neck and stand in a small crate that does not allow us to extend our extremities for our entire lives? To be dragged and thrown in to a crowded truck for a long transport to a slaughterhouse with no water or food? Or to be skinned alive?
The suffering of animals caused by humans is far beyond our imagination.  You may go online to see it yourself.
4/ The Catholic church teaches their followers to oppose abortion because it is a mortal sin to kill, yet they teach their followers to brutally kill animals to satisfy the followers’ taste buds. I wonder, as they teach them to kill one living being (an animal), how Catholic leaders expect them not to kill another living being (a fetus).
What a contradiction! If you are cruel to one living being, you will be desensitized to other living beings’ feelings.  Apparently, since we have a green light to kill animals freely, we will have no feeling against killing other living beings, such as humans. The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut is a good example. In addition, we do not care about those who are starving in third-world countries because their grain is exported to our country  to feed the animals whom we raise to be unhealthy food.
5/ Humans have been trying to explore other planets to find living beings. What would we think if one day powerful beings from another planet placed us in crates so small that we cannot turn around for our entire of lives in order to harvest our eggs, milked us, raped us, took our babies away from us for their own food, and treated us with all the same cruel methods with which we are treating animals today? 
6/ I learned in Catholic church that arrogance is  the most basic cause of every sin. How are we allowed to  be so arrogant in thinking that only humans are valuable while the other living beings are inferior to us? That humans are allowed to exploit other species for food, for entertainment, for clothing, or for any other purpose that humans desire?
7/ I wonder if you consciously, ethically, morally, humanely think that we should continue to treat animals with no mercy, no compassion as we have been doing for so long?  If I’m not mistaken, in the Bible it said that if we are a bad example for our children, we would better be thrown into everlasting hell.
8/ I wonder how the Catholic church can  teach their followers to do the right things in this life in order to find peace in heaven in the next life, yet create a hell on earth for animals  by teaching their followers to torture animals for the followers’ greed?
I would like you to read this:

Why do we believe we matter more than all of the other species on the planet? Why do we feel we must enforce our supremacy at the expense of all of the other species? Why do we insist it is either us or them, as if peaceful coexistence weren’t possible? Are we perhaps far too selfish, too egotistical to share this world with others – all of who arrived on this planet long before us?

-Australian philanthropist Phillip Wollen

I am writing to you because I do not want to lose faith in the Catholic church. I’m honestly praying that you will consider what I wrote and will no longer teach your followers to be unfeeling people responsible for killing animals. There is too much cruelty that we have inflicted onto innocent animals for too long a period of time. By practicing this cruel philosophy we are destroying ourselves (inner soul and outer body), all other living beings, and our planet. I believe it is time for us to awaken.
Thanks so much for your time. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Kim Nguyen 

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