LettersFrom Darlene Kaiser in response to comment "Opponents to Vivisection Make Things Up" - 25 Jan 2014
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January 25, 2014
To Letters Section
The Herald
P. O. Box 930
Everett, WA.  98206
Dear Editor:
Re:  Mark Crane’s “Opponents Make Things Up” and SNBL, Jan. 23
I’m a 71 year old member of the animal rights “mob.”
Does Mark Crane think the Herald’s readers are stupid?! They’re not.
Everyone knows SNBL’s animal “research” labs are locked from public eyes, even though we taxpayers fund them. How do we know what happens there?  Search for “Monkey Boiled Alive at Research Lab,” everyone.  Or Nippon Biomedical.

He asks why pharma companies spend money on animal tests. To protect themselves from lawsuits when their drugs hurt humans! Even Ex-Director of the NIH, Dr. Elias Zerhouni referred to …”a mouse – which can’t sue us.”

Where does Mr. Crane get the idea that the FDA requires testing on two species of animals?? Everyone knows that Thalidomide tested safe on thousands of pregnant lab animals, but cruelly deformed human babies. Valium kills cats. Beta blockers and statins kill dogs and cats.  Penicillin kills rabbits. The list is endless.

That old worn-out “your life or an animal” gimmick? Monkeys don’t have to be tortured and killed for humans. We all know that. The high fences are so that no one can see what SNBL does to helpless animals. Anti-cruelty to animal laws can’t help them. Experimenters aren’t even required to give anesthetics.
Last, he calls us an “animal rights mob.” I’m 71, and other Crane “opponents” are even older. How funny! When I was young, I never would’ve dreamt that I’d be part of a “mob” in my old age.

Darlene Kaiser

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