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As published in Fraser Coast Chronicle (Australia)
August 30, 2014

Cows have rights
Consider alternatives as animals have feelings. In her comparison between the various types of long life milk (Drink up, it’s good for you, 27/8) Honor Tremain overlooks one important difference. Cows’ milk is derived by cruelty. Plant milks aren't.

The production of cows’ milk revolves around rape, kidnap and murder.

Each year cows are sexually violated to force them to become pregnant. When their calves are born they are stolen from their mothers’ side and then violently killed.

Each year in Australia 700,000 frightened and bewildered “bobby” calves are slaughtered in their first week of life.

These sweet babies are deliberately brought into the world for the sole purpose of killing them so as to profit from the sale of their milk.

Their mothers are forced to endure the agony of birth and the greater agony of having their beloved babies stolen from them year after year. At five years of age they meet the same cruel fate as their calves.

Could any industry be more despicable and heartless?

Jenny Moxham
Monbulk, Victoria 

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