LettersLetter From Marni Montanez about Dog Eating in Indonesia
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Marni Montanez
August 29, 2014

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyana,
You have been president of Indonesia from October 20th, 2004 to this year 2014. You have been a president, making decisions to benefit Indonesia, the country you love. I pray for great success as you move toward other goals in your life.   
It has been said that good would be called evil and evil would be called good.

This has been proven true in Indonesia more and more. Evil has come to Indonesia and it has come through the doors of the dog meat trade. The belief in the Asian cultures is that the greater torture and suffering of an animal being killed the better the meat is, but sir, this is an unfounded myth based on witchcraft. Witchcraft is made of torture and violence. The more inhumane and painful the kill, the more evil power by demonic influence inundates those committing this violence. The good people of Indonesia have fallen victim to this evil. Their beloved family members; their dogs are being stolen and tortured and killed in the dog meat trade.  The longer you allow the dog meat trade to exist the longer  you are allowing the powers of evil to infiltrate the once peaceful and compassionate country of Indonesia.   
I ask that you would step forward in your position as President of Indonesia, and that you would do what no other president has been able to do in the history of Indonesia;  End the evil dog meat trade. Let it be said that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyana left a legacy of goodness and compassion and brought security of knowing our dogs and cats are safe because This man of principle and integrity stood for something and brought the feeling of safety back into Indonesia.  
Marni Montanez
Speaker for the animals

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