Letter from Jenny Moxham about Cecil the Lion
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Jenny Moxham
as published in The Star Early Edition (Thailand and South Africa)
August 4, 2015

Cecil’s 40 hours vs a lifetime of suffering

Louis Theroux quite rightly draws attention to the hypocrisy of condemning the cruel and needless killing of Cecil the lion while supporting the cruel and needless killing of animals raised for food (“The lion killer finally learns what it means to be the prey”, The Star, July 31).

One gruesome farming practice he mentions is the mincing up of millions of live “useless” male chicks by the egg industry.

Any of us who buy commercially produced eggs are complicit in this cruelty. Cecil suffered for 40 hours. Animals incarcerated inside our grim, sunless factory farms endure a lifetime of suffering.

Monbulk, Victoria, Australia

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