Letter from Jenny Moxham about Cecil the Lion
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Jenny Moxham
as published in The Nation (Thailand)
August 7, 2015

A simple question for the lion-killer's accusers.

Do any of those baying for the blood of the US lion killer eat animal products? ("Justice waits as claws reach out  for US lion-killer," 6/8)

If so they are just as guilty of animal cruelty as he is. They are worse, in fact, because they are inflicting pain on many animals - not just one.
The reality is that shooting one lion is far less cruel than subjecting numerous animals to a lifetime of suffering.

Whereas Cecil at least enjoyed a natural life prior to being killed, the majority of farmed animals are denied all semblance of a natural life and are condemned to lives of severe deprivation inside cramped, barren, sunless factory farms. Cecil suffered for 40 hours but animals in factory farms suffer for their entire lifetimes.

Jenny Moxham

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