LettersLetter From Jenny Moxham about Stopping Animal Cruelty
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Jenny Moxham
as published in The Bangkok Post
November 7, 2015

Since the publishing of the WHO report, there have been many articles written concerning the cost to human health of eating bacon, sausages, etc. “Chicken, ham — what else isn’t ‘safe’?”, ( BP, Nov 6). But what about the cost to the pig? Sadly we have been conditioned to viewing the lives of farmed animals as unimportant, but the fact is, they have feelings just like us and they suffer just like us.

Breeding sows endure lives of torture inside body-hugging metal crates and they, quite literally, go mad. Their piglets are subjected to agonising mutilations and imprisoned in small, barren pens.

They are deprived of sunshine, fresh air and all semblance of a natural life.

Is it fair to condemn intelligent, sensitive animals to this agony just so we can enjoy the taste of their flesh?

Please open your eyes — and your hearts. The fear of cancer shouldn’t be the only reason to eliminate bacon — or any other meat — from our diets.

Jenny Moxham
Victoria, Australia

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