Letter From Jenny Moxham about Animals Terrified
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Jenny Moxham
as published in Sunshine Coast Daily
November 20, 2015

Animals Terrified

Isn't it time to wake up to the fact that all humans are terrorists in the eyes of the animals we daily send to a terrifying and violent death in our slaughterhouses?

These gentle animals - whom we so casually and needlessly kill for food - don't want to be violently killed any more than we would and are beside themselves with terror when they are about to be slaughtered. The killing of innocent humans in Paris was abhorrent and inexcusable -but so too is the killing of innocent non-human beings.

As a vegan of thirty six years I can assure you that we can live healthily and happily without  killing any of our gentle and inoffensive life-loving fellow beings.

Jenny Moxham
Victoria, Australia

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