Letter From Jenny Moxham - Harrowing scenes
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Letter from Jenny Moxham as published in the The Daily Queensland newspaper (Australia)
December 11, 2015

How many youngsters are dying for Christmas? Tragically, countless numbers of young animals are, quite literally, dying for Christmas. In our slaughterhouse the Christmas massacre of pigs and turkeys has already begun. I have just watched harrowing undercover footage taken in three Australian slaughterhouses Ė www.animal-lib.org.au/campaigns/animals-forfood/pig-slaughter. 

Pigs inside carbon dioxide gas chambers can be seen thrashing, screaming and gasping for air as they slowly suffocate and their lungs, throats and eyes burn. The footage shows pigs being electrically stunned, kicked and tortured.
And donít think that turkeys are treated any more kindly. Undercover footage from Australian turkey slaughterhouses shows birds being beaten, slammed against walls and stomped on.

Is this what Christmas is really meant to be about?

Jenny Moxham
Monbulk, Victoria


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