Letter from Jenny Moxham about Egg Production Cruelty
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Letter from Jenny Moxham as published in The Observer
April 1, 2016

Letter from Jenny Moxham about egg production cruelty

Commercially produced eggs are not cruelty free

The hens at Silver Dale egg farm undoubtedly have a happier life than the majority of laying hens (Healthy hens, 31/3) but don't be deceived into thinking that any commercially produced eggs are cruelty-free.

The cruelty begins in the hatcheries where all male chicks -regarded as nothing but trash - are killed on day one of their lives.

These sweet babies are gruesomely dropped live into mincing machines, gassed or suffocated.

When the girls are around eighteen months of age they too meet a grisly death.

After being crammed into crates they are trucked to the slaughterhouse and shackled by their legs to a moving rail that takes them past a stun bath and automated throat cutter.

The frantic birds who succeed in avoiding both meet a terrifying and agonizing death in the scalding tank.

Free range hens meet this same cruel and premature death.

What right do we have to subject chickens to this cruelty simply because we have acquired a taste for their eggs?

Bird eggs were never intended to be food for anyone and we certainly don't need them.

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