Letter From Jenny Moxham about 'Spent' Battery Hens
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Letter From Jenny Moxam as published in Ranges Trader Mail
April 12, 2016

Driving along the highway yesterday I came upon a tragic sight. Ahead of me was a truck stacked high with crates and blowing from these crates were white feathers. As I passed the truck I glimpsed the pathetic bodies of it's occupants and realized that they were "spent" battery hens for I could see their reddened skin where their feathers had either been rubbed off by the wire or pecked out by their stressed "cell mates".

My heart ached for these pitiful birds knowing what torture awaited them at the slaughterhouse. Brittle legs would snap as they were roughly torn from the crates and shackled to a conveyor belt. Those who succeeded in avoiding the stun bath and automated throat cutter would die in agony when lowered into the scalding tank.

What right do we have to subject these harmless and defenseless birds to this torture simply because we enjoy the taste of their eggs?

Birds eggs were never intended to be food for anyone and we certainly don't need them.

And just in case you're thinking that free-range hens meet a kinder fate -they don't.

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