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Letter to the Editor From Grace about Killing Animals - 24 Feb 2017


Humans are the most domineering, most over-populating, over-consuming, arrogant and invasive species on the planet. Hunting is one example. Farmers may be justified in killing an animal that enters their property, but to deliberately go out and search for animals in their own surroundings for the sole purpose of killing, is outside the scope of morality.

One of the most disturbing hunts, seemingly has no limits. With most animals there is a "season" for killing. Not so for the coyote. They can legally be killed 365 days of the year. During the spring and summer months when they have pups, the pups are left to starve when their parents are shot. Some justify the killing believing that man is the traditional hunter-gatherer. The Paleolithic hunter argument? Please - this is the 21st century. Have we not progressed at all since the dark ages? The hunters also say they are providing a service for those who have livestock. I know some responsible farmers who bring their vulnerable animals (e.g. mothers with young) into the barn at night. This past weekend, I had a chat with a couple of coyote hunters patrolling in their trucks bordering on my property. They'd sent their dogs into a forested area (in this case, my forested area) to find the coyotes and drive them out to the road, where the great hunters are waiting with their high-powered weapons. Can anyone honestly believe this is sport? The dogs have GPS devices on their collars so the hunters know exactly where they are at any given time. One of the men acted surprised to learn that his dogs were on private property! Who did he think put up fences?  Who did he think was paying property taxes on that land? It was a beautiful day and I had planned to walk to the forest with my dog. Do I not have the right to do that without fear of running into a pack of dogs, or worse, being shot by a stray bullet?

Efforts are being made to educate people and with enlightenment comes change, but it is a slow process. What motivates people to hunt? If we could find the answer to that question, we would be well on our way to eliminating this primitive behaviour. Hopefully, at some point, hunting will be banned as have many cruel and inhumane practices in the development of mankind.

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