LettersLetter from Jenny Moxham urging women to stand up for their abused "sisters" on our farms who are cruelly exploited because of their reproductive abilities
Letters From All-Creatures.org and The Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation

Letter From Jenny Moxham as published in The Bangkok Post
March 9, 2017

Given that International Women’s Day was celebrated this week it seems like the perfect time to draw attention to the tragic plight of so many females worldwide.

Because of their reproductive abilities these unfortunate females are condemned to lives of intense suffering.

Sows quite literally go mad inside their body-hugging metal and concrete crates.

Battery hens endure unimaginable suffering in small wire cages in which they can barely move.

Dairy cows are compelled to endure the pain of giving birth each year, only to endure the far greater pain of having their beloved babies torn from their side within hours of birth.

Would any of us women like to be treated the way our “sisters” are treated?
Of course we wouldn’t so isn’t it time we stood up for them and demanded an end to this cruel exploitation?

A good way to start, of course, is to refuse to support these cruel industries with our consumer dollars.

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