LettersLetter From Jenny Moxham about The bloody and tragic truth behind dairy farming
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Letter From Jenny Moxham as published in Thailand's The Nation newspaper
May 11, 2017

The bloody and tragic truth behind dairy farming

Generally the birth of a baby is a time of great joy. But for dairy cows itís quite the reverse. Itís a time of great sorrow. This is because, within hours of giving birth, their beloved babies are snatched from their side. Like any mother, cows will do all in their power to protect their precious babies from harm and prevent them from being taken Ė but to no avail. To the dairy farmer their sweet, fragile babies are nothing but an unwanted by-product. Within a week most of them will be dead. Their soft, velvet throats will have been cut open just so the farmer can profit from selling their baby food (milk) to humans who have absolutely no need of it. If you are a mother yourself please think how you would feel if your beloved babies were kidnapped. Isnít it time we human mothers took a stand against this cruel abuse of our ďsistersĒ by giving dairy the flick? And what better time to start than Motherís Day.

Jenny Moxham Victoria

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