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Letter from Andrew Klumpenhouwer about our Web Site, Animal Liberation and Being Vegetarian – 9 Jun 2003


I have just recently found out about your website (while cruising the net) and I have to say, it has reassured my beliefs.

I am a new vegetarian, going on about two-three months now. And I have to say I have already been tempted to quit, then I find things like this and I am back on track. But I must also say that I felt you came on a bit strongly with how you used the scripture. In a few parts it almost seemed like you misused it a bit, even though according to at least me, your intentions are excellent.

I just had to say what I felt, and just to let you know it's great to see others helping animals, because there aren't very many people doing that around me.

Anyway thanks, and here are some quotes that I've heard that I like, that weren't in your quotes section:

“Sometimes I wonder, because of the way people act, if they really do belong, and are of this earth, because they sure don't treat it very good.”

“Nature to me, seems almost perfect.”

“Whether they love them or not, I do. And that can make the difference.”

“Don't just expect that someday someone will change the way people treat animals, because you are the one that will make the difference.”

Those were from Andrew Klumpenhouwer (age 13-14)

Reply by Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Andrew:

Thank you very much for your visit, letter, comments, and quotes.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,


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