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A Letter From B...
-Is Man Being Above the Animals the Final Answer?
(20 September 1998)

B's e-mail to Animal Rights On-line, which was forwarded to us for response:

I think it is great to be on the side of animals. However the larger picture in my mind is that according to Genesis in the Bible God says man is to be above the animals. Now I know that both sides of the issue can get out of hand but I'm simply asking you to think about it.


Our Response:

Dear B...:

Susan Roghair forwarded on your e-mail to her in hopes that I might answer your concerns.

B..., you're absolutely correct, we do have dominion over the animals, and the authority to rule over them; however, this type of authority comes with great responsibility. Just in the following verses (1:29-30) God directs that authority in a specific way. God gives us and the animals the plants as food, not animals. But we didn't want to listen to God, and we became more and more evil until there was no righteous people left except Noah (Gen. 6) and perhaps a few members of his family and some animals whom God called to come to Noah on the ark. And even though God granted the concession to eat flesh in Genesis 9, that was never His intent.

We have further proof of this through the visions of Isaiah (11:6-9), and John (Rev. 21:4), in which both of these passages depict a heavenly existence in which there will no longer be any suffering, or pain, or abuse, or death. And remember how Jesus taught us to pray, "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." If the Lord taught us to pray this way, and we do pray this way, shouldn't we also try to live this way? If God's original creation had no death, and there will no longer be any death in heaven, shouldn't we do what we can to eliminate death here on earth?

This is why Susan and I are working to help people and animals and the environment, that we, as a society, will cease to do harm.

Please feel free to write back any time.

In the Love of the Lord,


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