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Letter From Bassam Imam Concerning Animal Rights and Suffering - 22 Jan 2004

Dear Sir/Madam:

It is true! Whether you are an average Joe Shmoe, an animal welfare activist (like myself), or a hard-core animal rights activist, it is an ABSOLUTE FACT that even if it were possible to measure all of the pain and suffering of every single human that ever lived, the tally WOULD NOT EVEN COME CLOSE; ANIMALS HAVE SUFFERED THE MOST!!!

Unfortunately, our leaders are well aware that animals can neither speak nor vote. They cannot take up arms and fight humanity with their own massive weapons; but ironically, humanity has used them to fight other humans.

Although many people around the world are relatively ignorant regarding this matter, many people simply turn an look away.

We have become a very sadistic world! Just think about the brutal/sadistic/horrific beating that the average Canadian Seal endures before it dies.

Very Sincerely,

Bassam Imam of Montreal, Canada

Reply by Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Bassam:

Thank you very much for your letter and compassion for animals.

The suffering, pain and death in this world is the result of a spiritual blindness that is self-serving. We need to peacefully and politely continue to set the truth before such people, so that they can no longer turn away and pretend they don't know.

We strongly believe that when we learn to have peace with the animals, we will also find that we will have achieved peace with our fellow human beings.

In the Love of the Lord,


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