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Letter from Bryce Concerning Our Ministry - May 08, 2004

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman,

I just wanted to thank you very much for your wonderful website. It is truly an inspiration to me, which is quite incredible, considering for up until a month ago I was a strong atheist with blasphemous tendencies. I have been slowly attempting to live my life in dependence and reverence to our Lord and I am realizing that my choice to become vegan about five years ago has been a part of this journey.

Lately I have begun to feel very strongly about how I can be a better Christian, without being a part of the Christianity that I have seen around me, that is based merely on tradition, consumerism, and selfishness. I do believe that the Bible and one's own personal commitment to living Christ-dependent and with reverence is the best way to be doing service and developing our relationship with God.

I really enjoy reading your sermons because they allow me to be a part of Christianity without my belief that animals bear the mark of God and should be treated as such, and your sermons allow me to do that because they speak to my heart and mind. I really appreciate your work and will be visiting your site regularly.

It is interesting how it began with veganism, then I took a teaching job with a person who is a very good role-model for being a true Christian (except for his attitudes and practices towards animals), then the book Dominion which mentioned Reverend Lindzey, which I looked up on the internet, which led me to your website. The Lord truly works in mysterious ways!

Thank you in so many ways,


Reply by Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Bryce:

Thank you very much for your letter. You're one of the sensitive people to whom our ministry is directed, and your letter is an encouragement to us to do even more.

It is really a shame that so much of Christianity has such a hard, un-Christ-like attitude. We hear from people all the time who have left the church and who are seeking other ways to serve the Lord.

In the Love of the Lord,


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