LettersLetter from Dean Williams Concerning Heifer International 8 Dec 2003
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Letter from Dean Williams Concerning Heifer International 8 Dec 2003


I am a retired UCC pastor in Wheaton, IL who has a question for you. A friend who just sent in his money for a goal for HI asked me where that goat was going. I said I would try and find out. I called HI toll free number and got an abrupt response from the operator answering the phone when I asked who I could write or call with my question. She said, "We do not have that information and there is nobody you can call."

Now I can understand that it might be costly to have to spend money and time keeping track of where each animal is sent. On the other hand I believe it is really bad PR for HI when such a question is not answered.

Please help me to deal with people who demand answers to what they believe are simple questions. I remember not too many years ago when Save the Children program suffered serious damage, which began with their refusal to answer some simple questions.

Rev Dean Williams

Reply by Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Dean:

Thank you for your letter and concerned question.

The simple answer is that the vast majority, if not all of the Heifer International animals are destined for a life of misery and death, a fact that they go to great pains to hide. Nothing we, or others we have been working with have found out has dispelled our conclusions.

If Heifer International really was interested in totally solving the hunger problem, they would switch their efforts to sustainable plant agriculture. It takes an average of 15 times more land to produce the same caloric value from food animals as it does from growing plant foods.

We believe that people should be given a truthful answer to any question they ask, and the whole truth without any spin, which is all too often the case with Heifer International. To do anything less is proof that the charity is unworthy of any donation.

In the Love of the Lord,


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