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Frank L. Hoffman
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Letter to The Green Guide
Concerning Safer Consumption of Animal Products

8 March 2002

Mindy Pennybacker, Editor
The Green Guide
Prince Street Station
P.O. Box 567
New York, NY 10012

Dear Ms. Pennybacker:

Your special premier issue of The Green Guide devotes a lot of space to guidelines for the safer consumption of animal products. This reminds me of the guidelines given to the public concerning tobacco use years ago: "cutting down", "new and better filters", "low nicotine", etc. Just as with cigarettes, such "Band-Aid" measures serve only to make the consumer "feel good" when the only remedy is elimination of all animal products, regardless of where they come from.

The statement that "Organic fowl and livestock" "Must be raised under humane conditions" is just wishful thinking. The stress experienced by penned animals and those going to slaughter is enormous; and, yes, they are very well aware of what is taking place. And what about the hormones released by emotions such as fear? What potential harm do such hormones cause in the consumers? The children? The babies fed milk from nursing mothers?

There is a simple answer: GO VEGAN. We did, many years ago; and the benefits, physical as well as from a clear conscience, have been enormous.

We look forward to your reply and any questions you may have.

The Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation

Mary T. Hoffman

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