LettersLetter from Jonathan Carter Concerning Hunting and the Bible 18 Jun 2003
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Letter from Jonathan Carter Concerning Hunting and the Bible 18 Jun 2003

I had went to your website and had read the story about the man hunting and had shot a Gray Squirrel.

I am a Christian and was thinking of going hunting Gray Squirrel, they say that is the best animal to hunt if your new to hunting and need to learn the basics.

I was just wondering why that would seem wrong to you? It seems that people have been hunting for food and sport along time and to control the population of different animals. I'm just wondering if you would call me a bad Christian if I did hunt Squirrels? After all the Lord's meat did not grow on trees or am I miss understanding what was on your website? If so I'm sorry I just don't understand why a hunting would be considered murder. If I did not understand what you were saying please correct me.

God Bless

-Jonathan Carter

Reply by Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Jonathan:

Thank you for your email and questions.

Christianity incorporates the Hebrew Bible into our Christian Bible, and therefore it should also incorporate the Hebrew understanding of its teachings, unless Jesus gave us a different interpretation.

You will never find a believing Jew to be a sport hunter, because to kill for pleasure is considered to be evil. In fact, two of the most evil people in the Bible were considered to be Nimrod and Esau, who were both hunters, because their desire to kill corrupted their whole sense of loving and compassion.

Jesus teaches us to be loving and compassionate peacemakers (Matthew 5:9), and Paul carries this forward and teaches us that this should be extended to the whole of creation (Romans 8:18-25). If we truly believe these teaching, then we shouldn't kill any living being, nor harm the environment.

When Jesus taught us to pray for our Father's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, He meant it. There is no death in heaven, and thus all believers should work to eliminate death on earth to the fullest extent possible.

We hope you will change your mind and not go hunting and kill another living being, who suffers and feels pain, and wants to live in peace just as you do.

In the Love of the Lord,


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