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The Mary T. and
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Letters and Responses

A Letter from Justin
and Our Response
1 Dec 2000


The letter from Justin was entitled: WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???? We have split Justin's original letter and inserted our responses.

Justin wrote:

I have a few questions to ask you about the website that you have created.   Number one I want to know what do you think humans did when they were created for food huh.  Maybe just maybe they killed a deer or other animal for FOOD.

Frank Replied:

Actually, the first created humans were vegetarians (vegans). In fact, so were the animals. See Genesis 1:29-30

Justin Wrote:

And another thing what do you plan to do if hunting is outlawed and the deer population starts to grow faster than the human population?

Frank Replied:

The truth of the matter is that deer populations not subject to hunting remain equal to or lower than those subject to hunting.  We live in a 2000 acre no hunting area and our deer population has remained the same for the last 21 years. In God's natural order, He has given the animals a better sense of limiting population than we humans seem to exhibit.

Justin Wrote:

First of all that would raise some hell with insurance companies having to fix all of those cars.

Frank Replied:

The truth of the matter is that most deer-car collisions occur during the hunting season.  The panicked deer bolt into the roadways to get away from the hunters.

Justin Wrote:

And the last thing I have to say is when the population of deer move into the city where you live.  I have an idea maybe all you animal rights people can ask the deer to move into you houses with you.

Frank Replied:

We live in the country on the shore of a lake and have all kinds of wildlife all around us. There is no problem. We live together and enjoy each others presence.

Justin Wrote:

The fact that you are against hunting seriously pisses me off.  I personally want to know what you plan to do in the above stated problems if they occur.


Frank Replied:

One thing is for sure, we won't even consider killing them.  We even take the field mice back outside (alive).

In closing, perhaps you could answer a question for me.  Why do you desire to kill?  There is ever so much more beauty in seeing all these animals alive.

In the Love of the Lord,

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