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Letter from Leslie C. Acosta Concerning Animal-Utilizing Research 10 Sep 2003


Please consider other means to perform research. Animals have a pain threshold, level of fear and the need for love equal to human needs.

Technology has proved that there are improved and more accurate ways to research other than animal means.

This legalized criminal act needs to stop! Kindness bagats kindness which in turn will improve the integrity of our beautiful nation where animals have rights as well.

Please! Though these animals do not have a voice, they speak with their loving eyes and gestures. We humans need to be sensitive enough to recognize and adhere to their needs and respect the life that was given to them by our higher power

Thank you for reading,

Leslie C. Acosta RN.

Reply by Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Leslie:

Thank you very much for you comments. We agree totally.

We will publish you comments with the others.

In the Love of the Lord,


We welcome your comments

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