LettersLetter from Mary and her Congressional Representative about Horse Slaughter Legislation - 28 May 2013
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Letter from Mary and her Congressional Representative about Horse Slaughter Legislation - 28 May 2013

Dear Representative Kennedy,

I was contacted by the ASPCA and they and I would like to ask  you if you would oppose Bill H753 which involves MA farm animals. This bill would be devastating to the animals in our state and maybe we could set an example for other states to follow. Animals suffer enough and none of us can turn a blind eye to what is happening to them. I know you love animals so please spread the word in MA for our leaders here and in Washington to oppose this bill. There is enough cruelty in this world as it is.  Thank you so much.


P.S. This bill comes up for a vote in Worcester on June 3rd.  


Dear Mary,

Thank you for contacting me about H.R. 1094, the Safeguard American Food Exports Act. I appreciate hearing from you about this important issue and am glad to have the opportunity to respond. As you may know, the Consolidated and Continuing Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2012 ended a five-year ban on ffederal funding for inspections of horse meat. Because meat cannot be processed for domestic consumption without a USDA inspection, this budget legislation ended what effectively had been a 5-year ban on horse slaughter   and the domestic sale of horse meat intended for consumption. During this time, many U.S. horses were exported to Mexico and Canada for such purposes.  In response to this lapse in the ban on iinspection funding, Representative Patrick Meehan (R-PA) introduced H.R. 1094, the Safeguard American Food Exports Act of 2013, on March 12, 2013. This legislation would prohibit the sale or transport of horses or horse meat across U.S. borders by any person who knows or should have known that the horse was intended for slaughter or the horse meat was intended for human consumption as food. This bill has been referred to both the House Committee on Energy and Commerce and the House Committee on Agriculture for further consideration. I share your concern for both the safety of the American food supply and the prevention of cruelty in animal slaughter. I will most certainly keep your views in mind should this bill or any legislation regarding food safety or animal protection come before me for a vote.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me; I am honored to represent the constituents of the Fourth District of Massachusetts. Please feel free to call or write my offices with future questions or concerns. Additionally, I invite you to visit my website at www.kennedy.house.gov or follow me on Facebook to learn more about my work at home and in Washington.

All my best,

Joe Kennedy Member of Congress         

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