LettersLetter From Marcela Concerning Christian Bowhunters of America - 11 Dec 2002
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Letter From Marcela Concerning Christian Bowhunters of America - 11 Dec 2002

I read commentaries about Christian Bowhunters of America. Years ago I went to buy tracts in Christians Publications, and I saw this tract "Should we hunt?, and I thought GOOD! Christians talking against this issue. My surprise was big when I read the tract and they justify hunting for this for that, bla bla bla and besides criticizing people against hunting. I couldn't contain my self (as usual) and I wrote to them of course, in that time I didn't have e-mail, so I wrote a letter telling them how wrong was what they were doing and that I hope they repent before Jesus Christ.

Well I receive such an angry letter, long letter written by hand, I read some lines and I throw away to the garbage, and I said to the brothers in that moment "imagine this people write a tract like this and at the end they ask if you want to receive Jesus", "WHO WANTS TO RECEIVE JESUS?!", I said it in this tone of voice that you use when you say "come on!", they open big their eyes, "Yes, who wants to receive Jesus, after reading this horrible tract". They laugh, somebody told me "you are right sister".

I wrote to the Publisher of this tracts too telling them that that was a bad tract to distribute, they gave more addresses of this Bowhunting association to write to them if I had something to say.

Well, just sharing.


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