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Letter from Martin S. Nangoli About Our Web Site Ministry - 19 Apr 2004

Dear Brethren,

Christian greetings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you so much for the blessed web site you have.

My name is Martin S. Nangoli, born again and working with WAKE UP MINISTRY Uganda, a Christian organization which shares the gospel with the rural un-reached people and am blessed with your ministry.

And please pray for us and if God directs you please come for ministry here, mostly Crusades, conferences and meetings believe you will be a blessing to many people in rural areas of Uganda as you will share a healing love and Christ caring messages.. as Uganda is growing in Christian life since the ban of the gospel during Amin regime in early 1970s.

Thanks God bless,

Hoping to hear from you.


Reply From Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Martin:

Thank you for your email and encouraging comments about our web site ministry, and for telling us about your ministry.

We will keep you and your ministry in prayer.

At the present time, we are unable to come to Africa. Please feel free to use anything we have on our web site that will help you in your ministry.

In the Love of the Lord,


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