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Letter from Rae Evening Earth Ott Concerning Vegan Dog and Cat Food - 29 Jan 2004

Dear Folks at All-Creatures,

I would like to submit an informative and eye-opening article focused on the companion animal food industry - what's really in there - and offer a healthy, viable vegan alternative that companion animals absolutely love. Many ethical vegan/vegetarians have companion animals and it's difficult to justify killing one animal to keep another one alive. While your readers can make a conscious choice to adopt a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle for themselves, many of them cringe at the thought of feeding their companion other animals' body parts. They may think they have no choice - but they do and I'd like to first educate them, then offer them a way to keep their companions healthy without supporting the meat industry - it's called "Evolution Diet."

The only real long-term answer to anything is education.

Evolution Diet was featured in a 30-minute television documentary that was written and directed by Leslie Davis. According to the investigative journalist who conducted a study of the entire pet food industry, Evolution Diet is the World Standard. It'll be an eye-opening article as I am the Director of the North American Wolf Association. I spent several years researching this subject - after having 7 wolves die in my care, 4 of which I know for a fact had cancer. I was feeding a special "wolf feed" created by two wildlife biologists specifically for the Mexican wolf recovery program - a decision I will forever regret.

After careful research and countless hours of pouring over studies and other scientific information, I am convinced Evolution Diet is -without a doubt- unequaled in companion animal nutrition. I will feed nothing else - ever again. In fact, I plan to rescue an orphaned pack of North American Grey wolves next year and raise them from birth on Evolution. I have been feeding it to two wolfdogs (strict vegans) who share my life for about a year now and they are the epitome of health: glossy coats, bright eyes and amazingly, their personalities have tempered and mellowed since instituting the Evolution vegan diet (I would like to include photographs of these two wolfdogs). I just finished going over a 15 year study that concludes if you put fresh fruit and vegetables into a food processor then add it directly to the Evolution feed and fast your companion animals 2 days a week, you can extend their life span by a whopping 50%! That means they can live up to 25 or 30 years! I would dearly love to make this information available to your readers.

I will thank you for your time, I know it's valuable.

For the Wolves,

Rae Evening Earth Ott

North American Wolf Association  

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