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A Letter From Rachel Hamill Concerning the Abuse of Animals - 30 May 2003


I hope that you have a chance to read this. My name is Rachel Hamill and I am only twelve years old. I have studied animal testing and vivisection and was horrified to find the awful treatment animals are given in not only vivisection, but slaughterhouses, fur farms, etc.

I was extremely moved by some of the poems and short stories. Since I began to realize that my childhood picture of a happy world was very impractical and that we are very far from a peaceful world I admit I cried and have greatly changed. I now am a vegetarian and will probably go to any extent to help those innocent beautiful creatures. You are probably thinking I am just an average child thinking I would really do anything to help the animals and make this world a happier place. I do not blame you, however, I have never been more certain of anything in my life, I truly want to do the best I can to make the public see that animals have as much of a right to happiness and freedom as we do. I can start by submitting a poem. I wrote a poem and I am sending it to you. I was hoping that you could please submit my piece entitled, MOMMY, I THOUGHT.

Please contact me to update me on everything on how I can help the animals and also about my poem. Thank you ever so much

Rachel Hamill

Reply from Frank L. Hoffman - 30 May 2003

Dear Rachel:

Thank you very much for your letter and poem.

You are far from being "an average child".  You have expressed a sensitive and compassionate soul and spirit that is greater than that of most adults we know.  Because of that, we have published both your poem and letter so that your words may teach others as you did "Mommy".  We would very much like to publish other things you may write, which is one of the ways you can help the animals.

Another way to help the animals is to tell as many other people as you can about your feelings and what you are doing to help the animals in the same way you expressed it to us.  Ask them to do the same thing.  You can also refer them to our web site to see for themselves the horrible things that human beings are doing to animals, and why these things must stop.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,


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