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Letter From Suhita Concerning Foie Gras - 2 Jan 2003


Letter From Suhita


I went to Paris for the first time and had foi gras and came and talked much about it to my friends.

Now after going through several informative articles over the net, including yours, I feel utterly horrified.

I will never touch the stuff again.

Also the way the product is beautifully packaged and sold at exclusive outlets (specially Paris Airport), one will not fathom the barbarism that goes behind it.

Specially in an airport, all foreigners will get hold of the stuff and something worth buying for family and friends and the selling of Foi Gras will increase as people are traveling more and more.

I wish the public could be informed more and more...let me know if I can be of any help.


Suhita (from India)

Our Response

Dear Suhita:

Thank you very much for your heart warming letter.

The best way to help stop this barbarism to ducks, geese and other animals is to stop eating these products, as you have done with foie gras, and then to tell as many people as you can why your have stopped.

The second thing you can do is refer people to the articles and photos that we and others have published on the internet.

Did you look at our foie gras articles, only, or did you also see our animal exploitation photo journals?  

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,


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