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Letter from Terri L. Hood Concerning Cruelty to Animals on CBS - 19 Sep 2003

Dear All Creatures:

I wanted to share a piece of an article in TV Guide this week. This is exactly how it starts:

"Normally Christina Hastie wouldn't hurt a fly. But today she will become a killer.

"Her victim is a beautiful brown pelican. It's landed on a crescent-shaped beach near her newly constructed camp. A hungry Hastie sneaks up and smashes the bird on the head with a rock. Rushing over to finish the job, Rupert Boneham reaches for the pelican's long neck, and with a snap and a twist, it's over.

But really, it's only begun. CBS' Survivor is back for its seventh edition with another animal attack. `People are going to hate them for that,' says Susan Hawk, one of the original Survivors. (At press time, CBS hadn't decided whether to air the footage.)"

I don't know what can be done about this kind of thing being shoved in my face all of the time. Animals being killed and then calling it entertainment is totally sickening me. Please....could you look into this?

I also recently sent you an email about the live baby octopi being eaten on the "The Amazing Race." This show is on CBS. I have totally lost all respect for this network, and plan on sending them a copy of this email.

Terri L Hood

Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Terri:

Thank you for sending us this clipping.

The problem is that the networks seem to cater to the cruel and depraved side of society, since they believe that is who watches most of their programming. Then they try to out do each other is seeing who can put on the most depraved programming.

The driving force of this problem is money, or more specifically the love of money, which in this case has proven to produce all sorts of evil, just as we are told in the Bible.

The best things any of us can do is write letters and tell as many other people as we can about these atrocities, and ask them to help you bring it to an end.

In the Love of the Lord,


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