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FROM Philip Wollen
Facebook posting, September 1,2021

On going vegan: Good things will come to you. You canít miss. You canít fail.
You will have a rich and happy life. It is inevitable.

fish are friends

Facebook question: Can someone who eats fish call themselves vegan?

Philip's response:

No, they are not vegan.......... but I choose to be charitable and welcoming.
I describe them as VIPs....... Vegans in Progress.
They have already stopped gorging themselves on the rotten corpses of cows, sheep, "poultry" and pigs. So I congratulate them - and say "You're almost there!"

And, this was my response to a journalist about being vegan...

As I traveled around the world with my job as a merchant banker, it dawned on me.
There were literally hundreds of animal species I did not eat. . . . . .
Dogs or cats,
bears or bats,
horses or hamsters,
rosellas or rats.
I ate none of them.
Nor did I drink the milk of goats, cats, or yaks.
I decided to go only five animals more. . . .
I simply added cows, sheep, pigs, chickens and fish to the list.
It was easy.
I didn't crave lamb any more than I craved lion;
I didn't miss beef any more than I missed bandicoots.
I didn't miss chicken any more than I missed chimpanzee.
I didn't miss pork any more than I missed porcupine.
I replaced dead animals with an astounding variety of colourful, delicious and healthy plant foods.
And I feel better for it.
I sleep peacefully and deeply. I now have boundless energy, more than people half my age.
My memory has improved rapidly. I remember what an unexamined life I had lived.
And I care more deeply.
For my family, my friends, my colleagues.
For strangers I have never met.
For causes I have only heard about.
For ideas.
For the arts Ė music, poetry, theatre, literature, painting, the ballet.
Everything of beauty seems to come alive.
More vividly;
More subtly;
More completely.
I didn't know what I had been missing.

Question: "Any regrets?"


My greatest regret in life was that I did not do this earlier. What madness could infect us so profoundly that we justify the murder of powerless innocent animals?
So restaurants that dress up a dead-animal-dish donít fool me for a second. I know they are in the business of putting lipstick on corpses.
Restaurant reviews in the media today is gastronomic porn.
We have already won the ethical, environmental, and health debate Ė hands down. It is over.
An ethical vegan does not need the approval of the meat lobby any more than a Nobel Laureate needs the approval of the village idiot.
Adding only those five animals species to an already huge list of inedible atrocities was the easiest (and wisest) thing I ever did.

Question: "Any tips?"


Please try it. You won't regret it. Not for a second.
The animals will thank you for it.
The planet will thank you for it.
And the farmers, the taxpayers and your family will thank you too.
Good things will come to you. You canít miss. You canít fail.
You will have a rich and happy life.
It is inevitable."

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