Inn That Went Vegan for Veganuary Will Be Permanently Vegan
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Facebook posting, February 20, 2022

The Queen Inn
The Queen I, Cwmbran, South Wales - Facebook page

'How amazing is this?! The Queen Inn in Cwmbran, South Wales has had such a successful response to them going vegan for Veganuary, that they have decided to make their menu vegan permanently! ⁠

In a statement on their social media, they said "It's true. Due to the phenomenal support we've had this month, our menu will be staying 100% vegan...Everyone that's supported us this Veganuary has helped us have our busiest ever month in our 17 years of experience...⁠

And to anyone that's still under the belief that vegan food tastes bad, we know you haven't eaten here yet ."⁠

Please join us in wishing them a very happy and plant-powered future!'

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