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True Christian living requires us to live according to Kingdom standards which bring Heaven to earth.

By T. S. Nicholson

Today is Saturday in the second week of Advent.  As an ethical vegan who is in the discernment process of becoming a Secular Franciscan, I take great comfort knowing that I am called to "universal kinship" with creation. This is a concept that I've believed in since birth but had no words to describe. It fills my heart with joy to finally have a phrase for it and to have it be a REQUIREMENT from the Secular Franciscan Rules.  The phrase means that we are all related to the universe and each other. (To Live as Francis Lived, pg. 152.)

What cruelty we inflict upon creation wounds all. I pray that someday soon we each will believe this calling and turn away from the current torment and torture that we are inflicting on so much life. We are going down the wrong path. The slippery fallacy that many Christians state when they hear someone passionate to help animals or be vegan is "We need focus on human suffering first", but this is NOT true. The truth is that we all have a calling to help others. Each focus will be different and equally important. Some may feel called to help parts of humanity and some will be called to help parts of creation. Each calling is bestowed by the Lord. I pray that we all learn to lift each other up instead of continuing to look down upon each other's callings. Peace be with you.

Advent Message for 10 Dec 2016

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