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True Christian living requires us to live according to Kingdom standards which bring Heaven to earth.

By T. S. Nicholson

Today is Monday of the third week of Advent. 

The Holy Bible includes the "Do not be afraid" statement dozens of times. (The exact number will be dependent upon your translation.)  We must never overlook the fact that all living creation is capable of fear and that our dominion as Christians is called to be one of loving kindness. It currently is NOT!

Can you imagine the billions of times per year that the angels are having to stay with trembling terrified animals that we are abusing, tormented caged animals drove crazy by our sickening treatment, and the billions that are needlessly slaughtered after we have forced them to live the most appalling of abused lives? It is US that is supposed to be bestowing loving-kindness upon them as He has bestowed it upon us.

Our ignorant or uncaring choices of consumption causes great fear and pain for so many sentient lives. Not taking the time to learn and correct your actions is not an acceptable excuse. Saying it is too much work is also not a valid excuse.

And I'm not going to debate if Jesus were vegan or not. That's a moot point, but what is most obvious is that he would not have condoned our current torment and torture and pain that we inflict on sentient beings created by his Father.

We need to refrain from our atrocious and straighten up our lives. The time to start is now. It is up to each of us to start bestowing lovingkindness upon ALL life now. Then we too will be able to say "Do not be afraid" to all life that the Lord created having our actions match our words.

Peace be with you.

Advent Message 12 Dec 2016

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