Christian LivingAn Open Letter to Pastors about the Holiday Season and Animals as Food
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[Ed. Note: We encourage you to use this letter as a starting point to write your own letter to pastors in your life!]

Submitted by Karolin Wenkman
November 2012

Dear Pastor.....

As the Holiday Season is rapidly approaching, I would like to talk with you about something very dear to my heart. After you read this, I am hoping you would be so kind as to spend a few minutes of your time with me, either by phone or in person.
As we look forward to a joyful time, filled with laughter and warmth, sharing time with family and friends, millions of animals suffer unimaginable horrors being raised for their flesh and being slaughtered in the most cruel and unacceptable ways. Many of them are still fully conscious while being cut apart. Take a moment and "truly" try to imagine that. It must hurt in your heart, doesn't it?
I believe that as a true man of the Lord, you possess the compassion and heart that God, our Father, desired and intended you/us to have. Together we can change the lives of these sentient, feeling beings and stop the horrors and cruelty they have to endure their entire lives. I need your help! As a pastor, the people of your congregation trust you and your word. You have the power to make life more peaceful, for us and the animals.
I believe that is what God wants us to do.

If your belief is that God is pure Love and Compassion, I am almost sure you must feel the same or at least partially as I do.
I have some thoughts on how we can accomplish change in order to live compassionate and happy lives without hurting a single being. I would like to share those ideas with you. I also would truly appreciate any thoughts or input that you might be able to offer.

I am hoping that you will call, write or e-mail me to talk about this some more.

Thank you in advance for your time and "Happy Thanksgiving."

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