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FROM Joyce C. Lock 2002 

It was recently published that the Christian Community is taking over the net. I thought, "Yes! It's about time they noticed!"

But then, another report came. It said that Christians have used the internet to single-handedly restore the love for poetry, but it has not reached the lost world.

Perhaps, the Christian Community became the minority because of our own doing.

We were called to be in the world, without being like the world, to be a testimony in the midst of them -

not to separate from opportunity to minister to the world, Philippians 2:15 ... except in the event of an evil we need to personally get away from. How can they otherwise hear?

Scripture makes reference to sowing beside all waters, Isaiah 32:20.

A way that applies for me is to submit my poetry to whomever is interested (the highways and byways of the internet), with the exception of x-rated sites. The only reason that I eliminate them is because I believe they would pervert those writings, wherein God wouldn't get the glory. Though, I can still sow beside those waters, without going inside.

I was able to get an article on a homosexual site, linking to a site where they could be ministered to further. One of my writings was published on a site that follows the Spirits. I am so excited when this happens, to even get an inch in the door ... where angels and churches dare not trod (figuratively) ... because God cares about these people, too! Jesus befriended them.

Once, a black lady's site published my devotionals ... one per week. They never asked my color. Praise God!

Go to the highways and hedges, compelling them to come in, Luke 14:23. One way writers can compel them, via the internet, is to include a link to more of their writings, which will draw some to a Christian site where they can further be fed. Utilizing your talents, you might have other ideas.

There is neither Jew or Greek, bond or free ... red, yellow, black or white ... Protestant, Catholic, Indian, Hindu ... they're all trying to find their way to God. All things were created by Him and for Him. Our God is the God of the corn, of the wheat, of the rain ... the one in whom all things consist! But, Jesus was an anti-religionist. He went directly to the source. THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD.

Regardless of what another site believes ... if they will publish something written, inspired of God, that does not offend them ... then we submit to them until we all come into unity of faith. No one religion has all the answers. If we separate from everything not like us, we lose the opportunity to learn from other faiths, also.

We stand sure on what God has revealed to us, unwavering. Though, if we keep an open mind, we just might find that there is more to God than any of us had considered.

Another verse refers to our freedom in the inhabitable part of the earth, Proverbs 8:31. If a site offers Halloween stationery, it is my conviction to not download those. But, since all things were created by God, the part that is habitable - as a testimony to Him, I can use. Though, I was able to use one skeleton stationery, as it fit a writing against the hazards of drinking.

We limit God when we tell Him what He believes before we hear it from Him. There is a habitable part.

In the day of the early Christian, newly saved, they didn't want to give up their festive traditions. Thus, Christians continued to use the traditions that could be turned around into a blessing for God, converting to Christian Holidays.

We still have that option, today. Whatever Satan meant for evil, God means for good. If we don't see the connection of how to use evil for good, we're free to move on. In such case, we either aren't listening or God may not be calling us to it. But, if we see the connection, we're free to walk in the Spirit - following Christ.

Being that not everyone is a writer, your opportunities may be different. We're not all called and gifted in the same way or to the same things. But, to keep an open mind until we've heard from God, our ministry can reach more for the Lord. That is the key.

If you want to build a ministry that will withstand the Gates of Hell,

Seek the Master Builder.

Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it:
except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.

Psalm 127:1

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