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True Christian living requires us to live according to Kingdom standards which bring Heaven to earth.

FROM Photo and Article by Pasquale R Mingarelli


I like to workout. One of my favorite workouts is walking on a treadmill set to its steepest grade. Itís quite a work out! It is a bit like walking up a mountain minus all the good stuff like the thrill, the view and being in the great outdoors. It really doesnít compare.

In the same way, this photograph gives you an idea of what Coloradoís Hallet Peak and Flattop Mountain are like. They are very beautiful and majestic, but the photo does not come close to really showing what these mountains are truly like. In order to really experience these mountains, you have to go there.

You first need to stand miles away to fully take in their strength and grandeur and see how they dwarf everything else around. Only then do you begin to really appreciate them. Still you must go closer. You have to set your foot upon the trail, smell the pine trees and feel the cool air. You must begin to climb and feel the struggle inside you as you take every step up. You have to look at the trees, at the plants and at the animals to see that these mountains are full of life. As you get higher, the trees give way and you can see for miles. You also see the majesty of the peaks. You eventually make it to the top and experience the view and the exhilaration of knowing youíve made it. I have been there and I can tell you that the view is awesome!

The same is true with Christianity. You cannot really experience God by going to church a few times or by reading a small portion of the Bible. In order to really experience the power of Christianity, you must fully give yourself to God. You must immerse yourself in Him and begin to climb the mountain of God. With every devoted step you will experience Him more and learn new things about Him.

Come and join me on the hike up the mountain of God. When we get to the peak, I hear the view is awesome!

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